Self motivation, a Sense of Responsibility.

Jul 7, 2019 by Sreeja Biswas #Inspiration ,#Mental Health

It is hardly a secret anymore that your most crucial key in achieving your dreams, is staying motivated. Motivation can even make you do the tasks you loathe. With self motivation, comes a sense of responsibility in recognizing the fact that how a particular task can help you achieve the greater goal you eventually aim.

Overcoming any emotional hurdle can be difficult, but you could either get your stuff done or can rather sit on the couch weeping. But weeping won’t help you in any situation. Always remember that no matter how hard the storm hits, those who have the willpower to fight back,  wins against it.

So here are four 4 different ways that you could follow up for staying motivated.

20 seconds of power break

It’s just takes  20 seconds of insane courage to do something. Just be bold and do it anyways, don’t stress about the results. Keeping saying yourself  that whatever happens, happens. The outcome might not be perfect, but you took that step at least, and that’s one step closer.

It’s all about your baby steps that count and eventually adds up to the greater result. It’s like you are  a little kid, sacred before jumping into the pool. All you do is close your eyes and just go for it . In the same way, you work up the 20 seconds of courage. Sometimes an ‘oops’ is better than a ‘what if’.

Writing down your goals and asking yourself why.

Many a time it’s  the physical activities that anchor people  to something that’s actually keeps them motivated for long term. Writing the reasons down actually helps an individual to gain an immense strength of willpower to finish the task. It sounds obvious that you tend to work harder if the reward that follows is known to you.

That is exactly why it’s important for people to figure out the reasons for which they’ve been trying to do it. This method actually set them up for failure and success.

Rewarding yourself.

Forcing  yourself to do something you don’t actually enjoy is just another harsh way of treating yourself. To keep going with something that doesn’t support your passion won’t provide you any success in the long term. Focus and get along with something you genuinely have loved for.

Feeling good and passionate about your work is an important aspect. It’s not necessary that you choose a difficult path for achieving something big.

Simple methods does count. Don’t go for something you are eventually not ready for, that would lead you nowhere. Get along with something that makes your soul happy. The key is to connect your heart  to something you really want to do, even if it means listening to your favorite podcast or an evening jog or treating yourself a homemade smoothie.

Farewell to fear

Being fearless is a necessary factor for winning the big game. The fear of emotion is so strong that if once taken into its grasp,  it leads you to complete isolation. The easiest way for being fearless is aim for less. Focus on the short term goals, that would even reward you with immense confidence. This process will completely eliminate the fear of failure for you.

Don’t let fear paralyze you. Even if you aim starting from the bottom rung, you’re still a step above from those who are not trying at all.  This will lead you to one step ahead towards your eventual goal.

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