Keep working and remember that everyone is a unique being.

Dec 18, 2019 by Juhi Chaudhary #Inspiration ,#Education

We all love to play number games. In our childhood we enjoyed these games a lot. But, surprisingly these games have become part and parcel of our lives.

Do we have taken these games more seriously than we have ought to? Probably, a big YES!

Stepping up to adulthood and throughout we strive to become number one (No.1 ). During school we are taught to achieve grade ‘A’ and hold first position in our class. Possesing these parameters only provides us a ‘certificate of capability’. This is not the end of a race, it is just a beginning. In college you need good percentage to get admission or need to match the cut off of entrance exam. Then, in college series of scoring more again traps a student in cycle of number game.

Graduation done! Now i can breathe thinks a graduate. But this is not the case. Now the real trauma begins !

There is culture of entrance exams for the jobs in government sector in our country. Be it UPSC, CDS, Professors so on and so forth. Here, an aspirant is judged by his scores (a pure number game) and all the other parameters to judge are kept at bay. Some stucks in the game while others passes with flying colours.

The question here to point is, Whether failing in an exam is the end of race of life? Well, according to me it is for sure a NO!

You are capable and this is just a game of numbers. You will get lots and lots of chance to prove yourself. So, rather than putting a full stop in your life because of failure try to use it as a comma. Because another phase of story is about to begin.

Have patience. Keep working and remember that everyone is a unique being.

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