INSPIRATION: Always be polite in life. Humility is extremely important when seeking help.

Aug 19, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Inspiration ,#Mental Health

An inspector was greatly influenced by the teachings and siddhis of a saint. He had heard about it by now. Never met. He set out in search of him with a desire to be considered a Guru. After crossing almost halfway, inspector saw a simple person wearing only a dhoti. Inspector asked him, where is the saint’s ashram?

The person kept doing his work, ignoring the inspector. How would the inspector bear this? People used to tremble with their names. He did not think anything and started speaking bad. On this, the person remained silent and continued his work. When he could not keep up with the inspector, he furiously gave him a stumble and proceeded.

Inspector got another man after going a little further. The inspector also stopped him and asked, ‘Do you know where the saint live?’

The person said, “Who doesn’t know them, they live there, from where you are coming.” His ashram is just a short distance from here. I am going to see him. You can come with me.

The inspector of mind went along with his heart rejoicing. Seeing the road where he was taking him, he was ashamed and dumbfounded. He was the person he stumbled upon.

He fell at the feet of the saint and started apologizing. He said, ‘Mahatmaan, forgive me, I have unknowingly committed a crime.’ On hearing this, the saint said with a laugh, ‘Brother. What is the point of feeling bad about it? If someone buys an earthen pot, he looks at it with a bang. You came to make me a guru, so what you did was natural.’

Story makes us these three learns-

– Never lose your patience. Tolerance is the key to success.

Always be polite in life. Humility is extremely important when seeking help.

– Do not do anything that you regret after getting angry.

In today’s struggling life, people often have to go through a lot of mental pressure, due to which they are getting increasingly irritable. It should be the responsibility of every member of the family not to let any adverse situation arise which causes one to lose patience.

Mutual support and restraint are strong weapons, on whose strength you can easily face any situation. At the same time, it is also necessary to maintain a little patience and patience for the betterment of family and society. To live in peace, there is not a lot of money or unlimited comforts but a lot of patience and more tolerance. Try it once.

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