Dreams and Desires shares a thin margin between them and that’s the line of Limitations.

Aug 27, 2019 by Yagnesh Sharma #Inspiration ,#Life & Goals

We all dream of something, we all have the desire for something, but in the urge to achieve them we always forget about what we have and do we really need more.

Dreams are nothing but what we can build for a group or team which includes others too but the desire is something which we build for ourselves. Dream is something which is bit evolved, ultimate, many times unique on the other hand desire includes all the options which we have for ourselves whether strong or not and sometimes not so good.

Dreams and Desires shares a thin margin between them and that’s the line of ‘Limitations’. Dreaming has no limits, no bounds and it’s our prerogative to aspire what we like but when it comes to desire than its vital to keep its limitations in our psyche. Overpassing those limitations to consummate what we fancy may lead to bungle and this bungle can destroy everything we have with us right now.

It’s good to have a desire for something as it assaults us to achieve our goals and prepares us to work even harder, but only up to the extent where it is improving us. When this desire becomes craving it is equally disastrous for our living. And that phase where it is changing from a desire to craving is the most important phase to get us onto the right path and if we miss this phase then we are going to miss a lot.

Introspection or self-analysis plays the most important role in backing up the right path and this can by asking few questions for ourselves like:

⦁ Is that what we started for?
⦁ What will it cost?
⦁ Does this really worth?
⦁ What we are losing and what we are gaining?

And if we get all these questions right then we are surely going to get back to the right path back.

Dr Abdul Kalam superbly quoted that, “Dream is not what you see while sleeping but it is something that will not let you sleep” and once a wise man also said that “In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure.” So, we must keep the proper balance of them by keeping worth of outcomes in our conscious perception and never let either of them overpower you.

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