Dear Mary Kom, We all have watched your biopic and in end left the theatres with tears.

Aug 13, 2019 by Nikita Baid #Inspiration ,#Sports

Dear World Champion,

I still remember my school time when you introduced me to the world of boxing when I was proudly cheering out loudly for one name- Mary Kom.

That moment you won my heart but today you won my pride, admiration, and love from all around the globe. I still remember that quote of yours, “Hard times have abandoned you. Good times lie in wait for you”; and 24th November, 2018 is the day you proved your words. A little long but good things take time.

From cricket matches to football endings, nothing gave me goosebumps that your tears gave, while holding the flag and gold medal. The crowd was cheering, India was proud and you made it all happen. Breaking records is what you dream of but you forgot that this victory broke the stereotypes and created a new definition of sports. You made sure you never let down our
expectations. Strangely, but your tears brought smiles to our faces and we were happier than you.

Your life is a message and inspiration. Teaching every girl to stand up and prove herself, teaching every rural girl that place doesn’t matter, talent does. Teaching every daughter that if there is support do not let them down. Teaching every mother that motherhood empowers them, boosts them and teaching every citizen that glorifying nation’s pride is their first priority. You are
the one generations will look up to. You are a legend and you rightfully earned that legacy.

We all have watched your biopic and in end left the theatres with tears, lessons and wandering thoughts. Never knew the biopic’s perfect ending was yet to come! This is the happily ever after ending we all wish for and you brought that to the nation. I really want to meet you and ask how you managed it the 6th time, how do you feel and how different was it from the last 5 times.

Congratulations Magnificent Mary! You made us proud and hope we can honor you with what you deserve. Wishing you luck for your Olympics in which you are set to rock and from all of us Thank you for making India stand upright again.

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