Coronavirus: Mental Health in times of social distancing.

Mar 28, 2020 by Samaritans Mumbai #Health & Fitness ,#News & Headlines

Social Distancing! The buzz word and the new way of life for a lot of us at the moment. It is more of physical distancing with social solidarity. Physical distancing, because it’s really about being physically apart, and socially together — but just in a virtual way.

The hope is to be able to slow the spread of COVID-19 and not burden our healthcare systems and give hospitals a chance to treat the sick. For the next three weeks, we have been asked to avoid social gatherings, work from home, and stay home entirely if we are sick or in a high-risk group. While these efforts are much needed as our social responsibility, we understand that these times can foster feelings of loneliness and isolation.

You may be feeling worried or unsettled by what’s going on in the world. It might feel like things are changing quite quickly, and there is a lot that is beyond your control. We can imagine that this uncertainty and change can affect your mental well-being. At Samaritans, we are committed to helping those who need emotional support in these unusual and isolating times.

In line with our resolve to be there for our callers along with ensuring responsibility for social distancing, Samaritans Mumbai helpline for emotional support will be operating with limited functions from 5pm to 8pm daily.

Call us at 8422 84528 / 8422984529 / 8422984530 or write to us at

We listen. We understand. We care.

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