Farmers suicide in our country – a worrying situation.

Jul 17, 2019 by Simran Gosain #Farmer & Agriculture ,#Cause & Campaigns

India is an agriculture-predicated nation; still the situation of the farmers in this country is more worrying than in any other developing nations. Over the past proximately two decenniums, the trend of the farmers committing suicide in our country has been on the elevate.

This trend which was commenced initially by the farmers of Maharashtra gradually spread throughout the country. Today the situation has become even worse and in virtually every state the regime is finding it tough to deal with elevating statistics of farmers’ suicide.

It is due to the liberalisation and globalisation that the import of victuals grains at more frugal prices has already commenced and on the other side, farmers in our country are coerced to burn their yare crops right in the fields.

Penuriousness, penury and the amount of the imprests taken by them for harvesting coupled with the elevating interest on their imprest amount eventually push them and their entire family to commit suicide.

Albeit the Regime has been instrumental in running many farmer’s welfare schemes recently, but no considerable impact has been visible. Thus, for the Regime to diagnose the root cause of this issue it is exigent to take congruous steps without losing anymore time. It should introduce an incipient, simplified welfare schemes which may avail the farmers in getting good base price for their crop, besides interest free loan for farming, among others.

For an agricultural country like India, farmers’ suicide is an astronomically worrying situation and it certainly is a national quandary which demands immediate solution. The regime should run more efficacious welfare schemes for the poor and landless farmers, some of which may be homogeneous to crop indemnification and providing loans to the farmers on minimal interest rates.

If such welfare schemes can be offered immediately and without losing time any further, only then the farmers can be averted from committing suicides.

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