The fish you eat do have a certain percentage of plastic in their body.

Jul 25, 2019 by Vasundhara Mukherjee #Cause & Campaigns ,#Earth & Environment

The UN announced the complete ban on single use plastic. It a welcome move and should be praised for the decision to undertake this step might not have been easy. Companies that thrive on plastic use will surely not want a loss in their industries, doesn’t matter if the people living in this planet, including the men and women who run the companies themselves will fall prey to plastic pollution sooner rather than later.

As long as money keeps coming in, does it bother people that plastic has been one the most hazardous inventions of this world? Imagine buying a bottle of water and emptying it after use.

How often do we take it back home for use? Do we recycle it? Rather, should we recycle plastic bottles that have been said to cause cancer? If the use of plastic bottles is indeed becoming a determinant of cause of death for species around the globe, why has it taken so long for the United Nations to take a stand on this issue?

Starving animals feeding on plastic only to die upon choking on it has now become a daily headline in the media. Try to realise how much plastic you consume even without your knowledge. The fish you eat do have a certain percentage of plastic in their body due to plastic consumption from the waterbodies.

These fishes when consumed by people goes inside us. It needs no telling what the affects of plastic in our system are.

Mounds of plastic in all shapes and forms are being discovered. Some have been growing bigger month after month, even bigger than monuments and buildings. Why is the government silent on such a pressing issue? Turning a deaf ear to problems such as the use of plastic will destroy the earth.

How long can we keep being in denial? Is it not enough to be the change or is it needed to becoming the change and making change in the laws which will be the cure for this ailment? One thing is certain.

Silence is not the solution and neither is deniability. Change comes from within and change comes from outside pressure. Both needs to be incorporated for fruition.

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