SOCIAL MEDIA : We miss the best of life while we are busy texting on our mobiles.

Aug 21, 2019 by Chandni Asnani #Cause & Campaigns ,#Culture & Society

Social Media is the biggest attraction for today’s generation. It is not just a medium for connecting people, but it also provides entertainment and information. Today, a majority of kids, youngsters and even adults are found surfing the Internet. In a way, Social Media has brought the world together. It has united us.

But, let’s face the truth, it does have some drawbacks. People, today, have become so obsessed with their mobile phones, that they’ve forgotten the real world actually exists outside that tiny square. Here are the few major problems with Social Media:

The Number Game

Everything has become a game of numbers today. People regularly share their pictures, post status updates only to get more number of likes and followers. The more the likes, the higher goes their bar of happiness. Why do we need likes and followers to feel good and confident about ourselves? Sadly, this happiness is short-lived.

Fake Identities

Social media lets us talk to any person sitting in any part of the world. That is both, a blessing and a curse. If we are talking to someone via social media, we do not have any idea if the person sitting on the other side is even authentic. That is an issue of concern.


Social Networking takes procrastination to another level. Three hours fly away like three minutes once I press the Search tab on Instagram! It’s so addictive. You will find cake videos, delicious food, Nail Art, Makeup videos, etc. They are extremely interesting, but honestly, a waste of productive time.

Face-to-face Conversations

Gone are the days when people used to actually meet and have real conversations over coffee and dinner. Texting and video calling can never match the charm of actually having the person by your side while talking. It just feels more real, emotional and intimate.

Negativity and Drama

Social media spreads a lot of negativity. Every user has this special right to present his opinion on the internet. People are free to dump all kinds of negative feedback on people anonymously. Celebrities receive a lot of hatred everyday, from people they don’t even know!

Social media is literally like lice, it sticks to us and feeds off of our heads. It deprives us of all the pleasure life has to offer. We miss the best of life while we are busy texting on our mobiles. We have lost the ability to stay and enjoy in the moment. Whether it’s our birthday or an outing, we prefer clicking selfies with friends more than talking to them.

We prefer taking clicks of natural surroundings more than actually breathing and living those beautiful moments, isn’t it? Why capture every moment? The best of things cannot be captured through any camera, they need to be lived.

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