Scientists say that junk foods control our brains in the same way as heroin or other drugs

Aug 24, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Cause & Campaigns ,#Food & Drink

Mummy, I have to eat pizza today or else I won’t go to school, Papa go to McDonald’s, I like the burger and potato chips there. Mummy, I’m hungry, I want Maggie, grandma let’s go eat pizza.

Everyone wishes to fulfill this demand of his beloved, but sometimes this love can prove fatal for him. we are so addicted to fast food that we are loosing our proteins in it.

Recently an international research team has tried to answer this. These scientists say that junk foods control our brains in the same way as heroin or other drugs. Children’s favorite food is junk food.

Due to this, the parents are worried why their children are so crazy about junk food. Rati Jain said that I should try any number, but Veer does not eat anything except junk food. To stop her addiction, I have joined cooking class so that I can make and feed her new things.

Son, lunch could not be packed, take this money and eat something from the canteen.

What then, canteens, burgers, chowmins, cold drings in the canteen. This negligence of parents is increasing the trend of fast and junk food among children. The distance from the game proved to be right. As a result, children are becoming golu-molu. Doctors believe that 20 percent of children are obese.

Modern living and race The sun-filled life has brought many changes in human life. Today people lack time, everything has become fast in this busy life and this haste has trapped them in the trap of a new style of food, which is called fast food or junk food. Change is bound to happen over time, but not every change is correct.

Fast food is also such a change provided by Western culture, which cannot be called good at all. Future children of the country are losing their health by being caught. Many fast food zones like McDonald’s Vimpi, Dominos, Pita Hut etc. have opened in big cities, which have been doing crores of business for the last ten years and our children and parents are tasting them without knowing their loss.

One, the saving of time and the convenience of meeting anywhere anytime has made them even more popular.

Today children have disliked to eat home food, they like to eat burgers and drinks as soon as possible.

Sadly, the trend of fast food is not increasing in the less educated, rural and backward class but in the educated urban and progressive upper society. These people consider it a status symbol. As a result, till yesterday, diseases which used to affect a few people today, many people are coming in their grip. The diseases which once surrounded western Europeans, have spread in India today.

Therefore, fast food seems very delicious and finger licking when we have it but we never assume that those tastes will destroy you.

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