Rs. 9.28 lakhs raised through crowdfunding to support 10 under-resourced public schools.

Feb 18, 2020 by YI Staff #Cause & Campaigns ,#Social Issues

Rs. 9.28 lakhs raised through crowdfunding on to support 10 under-resourced public schools in Chennai & Bangalore.

23-year-old Divanshu Kumar, an IIT Madras graduate, recently took to crowdfunding on, for his edu-tech startup – ‘Involve Learning Solutions’

‘Involve’ partners with low-income schools and develops a Peer Teaching model. Team ‘Involve’ trains senior students, or student leaders, who then teach their juniors. The non-profit has so far impacted 2500 students from 30 schools, including Anekal Government School, Bangalore and Geetha Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai. Involve’s 2020 mission is to impact over 5000 students. Given the operation cost, the crowdfunding goal is set with a target of Rs. 12 lakhs.

In a quick span, Involve’s ImpactGuru fundraiser raised Rs. 9. 28 lakhs. The entire amount raised will support 10 under-resourced public schools, in Chennai and Bangalore, at Rs. 1.20 lakhs per school through Involve’s Peer Teaching program.

Founder and CEO, Divanshu Kumar said, “Thank you for such an amazing support so far on our ImpactGuru fundraiser. Please help us reach our goal, we are still short by 23%. I request you to share our fundraiser with the people you know, nudge them to contribute to our cause. We hope to spearhead a revolution in education, where students all over India, and perhaps beyond, are equipped with important future-ready skills and are able to learn independently.”

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