Meritorius students are loosing their chance to study in the best colleges.

Jul 17, 2019 by pranvi gupta #Cause & Campaigns ,#Social Issues

Reservations in a developing country like India has always proved to be a interference in the building blocks of the country. In layman’s term, reservation is nothing but a form of historical social injustice that is seen in the lower sections of the society. This was undertaken to address the historic oppression of the richer sections of the society against the lower sections.

The lower sections consists of Schedules Castes, Schedules Tribes and other backward classes who were not allowed to enter the educational institutions, take part in legislative assemblies and many more. They were treated as untouchables and weren’t given any importance.

Seeing their plight, the first person Dr. B R Ambedkar – the writer of our first independent constitution gave these sections a right to reserve a particular percent of seats in the educational institutions, in legislative assembly, government jobs etc.

This decision was taken just to give an equal right to these sections and once it was achieved they could stand equal before the law. But this never happened. Till today there are many places where untouchability is practised and these people don’t practice equal rights, with the advancement in technology, the reservation system is increasing day by day and the most suffered is the general category.

These sections enjoy this right and don’t want to come as equal to us. Due to this in education field meritorius students are loosing their chance to study in the best colleges as more than half of the seats are reserved and left out seats are either sold on money basis or the cut off is really high that normal students have no chance to get selected. These reservations have made their way into the religious minorities as well that is in some states reservations are being given on religion basis as well.

This has paved a way for the brain drain that students are moving to foreign countries where they are paid for their hardwork and not for a “RESERVATION”. I myself went through this injustice as being in the medical stream i scored quite an appreciable score to get an admission in the government medical college.

But due to reservations my seats were full and belonging to a middle class family my parents couldn’t afford a private college so i had to change my course. I am pretty sure many out of you there could relate to my story and have shattered dreams. So lets together join hands and “MAKE A DIFFERENCE”.


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