Internet Addiction: One of the major issues which can cause severe damage at mental level to the youth.

Feb 10, 2020 by Mehak #Cause & Campaigns ,#Mental Health

Internet plays crucial role in our day to day life. We cannot imagine a day without it. It has made life easy for living. It has also given rise to mental ailments which can be seen as prominent nowadays. Whether it’s about paying bill, shopping or earning money, internet has solution of every human problem.

Internet has sets various new communication mediums which are very cheap from the older ones. Email, WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook etc,. which not only makes people socially active also helps in creating people aware of the latest happening in the country.

The excessive use of internet make the people addicted towards it also gives birth to new mental diseases. One more aspect of internet is it gives opportunity to interact with people. Such as chat rooms and MUD, games also gives opportunity to communicate. This also gives birth to abuse and addiction.

In psychological terms internet addiction is also called ‘pathological internet use’, which is seen as destructive force in society. There are various different mental diseases but the ‘personality disorder’ is the main which is rising day by day in the youth.

Today people prefer to live in a nuclear family than joint family. This disorder is seen mostly in the youth who are self esteem, depress, lone. These people need to fill the gap that has been created by the absence of real life relationships.

Internet addiction, is one of the major issues which can cause severe damage at mental level to the youth. For rescuing yourself out of this addiction people need to focus more on active life and try to establish moreĀ  real life relationships.

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