Diminishing Opportunities! What’s your CALL?

Jul 8, 2019 by PAVITHRA #Cause & Campaigns ,#Education

Education is one of the most important virtue of our life. It must be an open choice for all the people out there, but now a days it has been a business for most of the cases. This is a great insult to our system while comparing with other countries. We say that people from here move on to other countries for their education or works but we didn’t work on why is that change.

If we completely look into that it is noted that the talents are not been given the correct rewards or appreciation. People have the mentality that they must be rewarded or praised for their work, but in our country the people who have worked hard and attained success will not be awarded the taste of success and this will in turn make the person hate the work itself as he loses the interest in his work.

The entry point for all this is the reserved quota system in everything. Even the young talented buds are wasted because of our system. Even the dreams of the poor people are shattered because they don’t have enough resources to be a part of this well developed society.

Education and talents are not related to money it all depends on the interest of the individual and the inbuilt talents from the childhood. It is highly necessary to give chance to all the talents out there rather than giving only to some with a higher influence. It can not be completely blamed on the society, it is we who must come forward to eliminate all the obstacles and give way for the talents.

There are several options for youths to bring out the talents by conducting various activities and workshops. Even many opportunities are being wasted as the right people is not been given the right intimation within the stipulated time. The major reason behind this is the reservation system and because of this we are losing our opportunities even in the world level competitions.

This is a high time to arise and work so that we would also be a part of reaching the greatest heights. Talents are need to be respected and appreciated rather than rejections. Don’t hope for the change, act and be a part of it. It is us the youths who must come together and work towards the betterment in attaining the available opportunities.

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