Delhi: The capital of the country is always put in shame for being called as RAPE CAPITAL.

Sep 3, 2019 by Rimjhim Dubey #Cause & Campaigns ,#Women Empowerment

Delhi, the capital of the country is always put in shame for being called as rape capital, Nirbhaya’s rape case outraged the anger in the nation, led people to raise voice against women safety,

where is women empowerment?

Where are laws for the Rapist?

What gives them so much liberty and courage?

Do we have a lack of sex education?

There are thousands of questions arise daily in mind and the most common is WHY DO MEN RAPE?

Why parents feel unsafe for sending their children to Delhi knowing it’s a hub of education?  Kathua gang rape case an 8-year-old innocent girl was brutally raped for days, and inside the temple can you believe this place of worship turned into a horrendous nightmare.

Is still our attire and dressing sense is a concern? if yes then a 3 year or a 3 month infant wearing a diaper is also a big concern right. In India where we preach daughters as goddesses on the same land, they have been buried down to death.

Why do we need such big incidents to make us realize that our girls are no longer safe and we need to raise voice against this, do candle marches and blame our insecurities? Till when our humanity will put in question, Till when we’ll ask our girls to not go out in dark, this is a question from ourselves.

The government needs to make laws against rape but  parents need to tell their sons Respect Women. If every time she is needed to protect her hymen from semen to maintain her dignity congratulations INDIA YOU ARE GROWING.

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