Azam, a 45 year old auto driver was asked for his views on the recent acts of mob lynching.

Dec 17, 2019 by Priyasha Choudhary #Cause & Campaigns ,#Culture & Society

When Azam, a 45 year old auto driver was asked for his views on the recent acts of mob lynching that have been on going in the country he replied saying,

‘I am a Muslim and I have a family of 5 people including myself, my family has roots in this city since a decade now but somehow it doesn’t feel like home anymore. When I was a child my parents taught me how there weren’t any caste boundaries to humanity but today that seems to be lacking in the world.

This strained relationship and the continued riots between the two communities have caused my family to not go back to our village for about 5 years now. After this incident, I have a constant fear, the fear of my son getting beaten up brutally and my daughters getting raped. We are poor people who have nothing but our family and we don’t want the same fate for our loved ones.’

After listening to this I wondered as to how many more Tabrez and more families like Azam’s have to say this till the violence stops?

While in school we are taught that the preamble of the constitution states that we have to solemnly resolve to constitute India into a  SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC, at home we are made to understand that you should not be friends with Muslims as they are disloyal, unholy and at times they do ‘black magic’ on people.

As I grew older, I realized that its not just us, Hindus, corrupting the brains of young minds but it’s the same on the other end of the sea. No matter how many times we repeat in our answers that, “India is the fastest growing economy and a modern progressive state” the truth in reality is that India is filled with masses trying to assault and sexually harass people of the other caste in the name of Hinduism.

In today’s modern India it is necessary to chant and scream “bharat mata ki jai” to prove you are an Indian. Coming from an open-minded Hindu background and seeing these atrocities on the innocent people not only makes me feel shameful regarding these cases but also invokes a small sense of anger towards the ones who are from my own community.

The violence and hatred that has continued since ages and found its way to present itself in open at various moments, had reached its peak with Tabrez and now it seems to have no end to it.

There are multiple cases happening across the length and breadth of the country that are easily overlooked in the name of Hindutva jingoism and not surprisingly the government still chooses to overlook this. So much for being an independent democratic and secular state that till a few lives aren’t taken we won’t realize when to stop.

Lack of humanity and compassion for a fellow being is what scares me the most, it makes me feel unsafe in my own city where I can’t go around freely anymore just because it’s a predominantly Muslim area and one can never know.

These cases of mob lynching are nothing but gruesome and inhuman, it has been 73 years since we got our independence and since we partitioned and still the country faces such extreme acts of “Hindutva”. It’s nothing but heart wrenching and deplorable. More awareness has to be spread and stringent steps are to be taken.

The government itself needs to understand where our country is heading with such extreme violence and ignorance. If this goes on forever, a day might come when the country has to see its end as a secular state.

As a proud Indian and a mindful citizen, I plead today for everyone to stop the hatred, to stop this pollution of minds and to realise the true meaning of brotherhood and secularism because the clock is ticking and someday it might be you, me or our brothers.

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