Young Thinkers Conclave: An attempt to connect youth on 07-08 Sept, at Bhopal.

Sep 3, 2019 by Damini Tripathi #Announcements ,#Campus Watch

India is the youngest country in the world today. India has a stock of youth energy. But the question to ponder is how do we see this energy. The world believes that India is the king of the coming century. His future is golden. The reason behind this is the youth population of our country, which is around 60 percent.

Our younger generation should consider whether it is really a strength for the country. The youth of India should evaluate this themselves. If the youth does not surrender to his country, in his thought, in his contemplation, in his actions, the nation will not be the first; Then can such a youth become India’s strength? Today, the biggest responsibility of fulfilling the dream that the country is dreaming is on the shoulders of the youth.

It is true that youth are the power behind the development, strength and power of a country. Understand this matter from a context. A king of Europe was going on to win the war continuously. His commander asked him, how does the emperor decide which country is easy to conquer, which country should be attacked? The emperor said that it is not a difficult task, it is very easy.

I send my detective to that country and just ask him to listen to the dialogue of the youth, sit among them, look at their daily routine and come and tell me all the information in that context.

With this much information, I can guess that which country is easy to defeat and which country is difficult to win.

The nation whose youth do not have social and national issues in their conversation, means that the nation is not primary for those youth. They are limited only to themselves. Defeating a nation that is not with the young nation is not a difficult task.

This passage shows that behind the security of the country, its prosperity, its strength and its prestige is the strength of the conscious and patriotic youth. Therefore, when India’s threat is increasing in the world, the reason for this is India’s talented and country-loving youth.

“Young Thinkers Conclave” is an important event being organized in Madhya Pradesh. 300 thoughtful youths from all over the state are going to participate in this event. It is a platform that will bring together such youth, who reflect on the issues of national interest, contemplate and follow them as much as possible. This program will work to add positive energy.

This positive energy will bring positive changes in the country. This type of events are needed to give direction to the younger generation in the time when we are living today.

This is also a time of disorientation, the youth should not get lost in that disorientation, so move ahead on the right path and take your family, society and country forward. The “Young Thinkers Conclave” will be successful in its purpose, as its event is full of national sentiment full of national spirit. There is youth at the other end of this event. The event is organized for the youth.

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