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A brief on Animation and More.

Most of us have been through times where our fondest childhood and adolescent memories have been getting up at a late

In Focus: The Einstein Rosen bridge and the Einstein Podolsky Rosen paradox, ER and EPR.

5 years ago, Juan Maldacena and Leonard Susskind explained to the world that the Einstein Rosen bridge between two

Green Chemistry practices not only to reduce environmental damages but also to produce economic benefits.

We’ve all heard of climate change And the issue is quite real The results of humans damaging their environment are

AI (Artificial Intelligence) – The new age revolution.

Artificial Intelligence, the term was coined by John McCarthy in 1956 defines it as “the science and engineering of

Do We Matter? and We matter for people who love us and wish the best for us.

My younger school-going self would first come across the concept of matter in Science, when we were just starting off

Chandrayaan 2 : A lunar Mission of India to be launched on 14 July 2019.

Chandrayaan 2 is Lunar satellite mission by Indian Space Research Organisation(ISRO) to be launched on 14 July 2019

Aakrosh- A perfect way out for troubled times.

We all have different states of mind at different times When we want to get something out of our head, we