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You have three meals a day. There are so many who would sleep empty stomach tonight.

You have three meals a day - There are so many who would sleep empty stomach tonight You have a roof above your head

You do not have control over your life, most of the times. You can never have.

You do not have control over your life, most of the times You can never have You cannot escape the tragedies that are

Beach Wedding: Tips to plan a beach wedding in budget.

Deciding how many guests are attending: This the most important part of the wedding There should be a limited guest

LOVE: The key to falling in love and staying in love is to first learn to love yourself!

My take on LOVE and Emotional Dependency So I came across this article by a PhD holder some time ago The title said

LIFE: They say life is a one time offer use it well.

What is LIFE You may have got the versatile definition of this question But are you sure that you have chosen the

Hunger for power ! Surpassing basic human values?

HUNGER FOR POWER! SURPASSING BASIC HUMAN VALUES 'Any man who tries to be good all the time is bound to come to ruin

The lessons I learned from my ugly painting.

I am not a good painter, actually good is still far away from what I paint I never picked up a brush and painted some

GIFTING IDEAS : Best gifts to buy for grandma.

What possibly can be the best gifts for Grandma When considering gift ideas for Grandma always do a self research on

If money is not your concern then will you really do what you are doing now?

Focus on yourself means concentrate on yourself ie focus on your passion, desires, personality, dreams, goals This is

Home workouts : The last three or four reps is what makes the muscle grow.

Are you in your twenties and don’t have time to go for a gym We all are aware that health is just not the absence