Gender & Sexuality

As women, the safety of men is also important. In modern times, even men are not safe.

We live in a country where women have always faced oppression and harassment Since ages, they have been given a

FEMINISM: What is feminism?

The hot topic for debate nowadays is feminism - What is feminism - How can anyone be a feminist isn't this thing

Feminism Means – the theory of the Political, Economic and Social equality of the sexes.

Feminism nowadays is equivalent to a bad word How such an important movement and term went on to become so wrongly

IMPORTANCE: Before you teach your daughters, you need to train your sons.

With the liberation movement having reached its absolute height, it was a historic moment to watch the people of same

While girls are reaching the sky and getting social support, Boys are not!

While girls are reaching the sky and getting social support, boys are not getting the support and are lagging

Are girls too mean to each other?

Oh, how natural it seems when you talk about women getting mean to each other and yes, I’m a girl but typing this out

Boys can like girl characters too!

The race today ends with power and power rests with the strongest and strongest is ‘being man enough’ The gender of

Sharing Responsibilities Equally Between Men and Women will be Healthy.

Women's empowerment is the process in which women focus on their interest, abilities what they can do as an individual