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Boys can like girl characters too!

The race today ends with power and power rests with the strongest and strongest is ‘being man enough’ The gender of

Because she’s a girl, she’s not supposed to do so.

The grim reality in our society is that every middle class girl is born with barriers and that especially true when you

Liberalism Vs Communitarianism : Is There Middle Ground?

Liberalism and communitarism are two prongs upon which a major chunk of the deliberations and critiques of political

God Made LGBTQ + People

The Oxford Dictionary translates “gay” as a person, especially a man who is homosexual This 3 letter word gained

Silencing Liberty

"The history of liberty is a history of resistance"- Woodrow Wilson Writers, philosophers, thinkers have signified

Why Hinduism Will Survive – Only If People Stop Trying to Save It

As a self-proclaimed atheist, I’m not particularly comfortable writing anything that can be perceived in favor of any

Half war, half peace.

18-year-old  Bollywood actress Zaira Wasim was recently under the limelight on account of her decision to quit acting