Women Empowerment

A widow is seen as a sign of inauspiciousness even in the 21st century.

Sati is still practiced! You must be thinking Raja Ram Mohan Roy had protested and carried out the propaganda

Because she’s a girl, she’s not supposed to do so.

The grim reality in our society is that every middle class girl is born with barriers and that especially true when you

Raja Rammohan Roy was a model social reformer & revolted against the suppression of women.

Raja Rammohan Ray was a Brahmin man born in a Brahmin family with an appetite to cure the social stigmas of Bengal This

Modern India with a Tough choice

Living in the modern world, the 21st century gives it’s women a very tough choice to choose between a  sanitary

Naira a 16 years old girl, touched the sky.

Today, Naira was very happy because she has achieved her goal She was so happy that she can even see a rainbow amidst

Why Not A Feminist!

In this world full of opinions, people judge too and especially they judge women This is because women have always been

Sharing Responsibilities Equally Between Men and Women will be Healthy

Women Empowerment Women's empowerment is the process in which women focus on their interest, abilities what they can

Delish fire roasted corn on the cob on a roadside stand

The new India This lady was serving some delish fire roasted corn on the cob on a roadside stand Earlier she would