Only 11 percent of the members elected by the Lok Sabha in General Elections are below the age of 35.

"Beta, you don't know how the world works yet, leave the politics to us adults", smirked by father in a condescending

Amit Shah – the new age Chanakya.

This paper seeks to explore the similarities in political strategies between Kautilya/Chanakya and Amit Shah through

Role of Identity Politics in India: The Role of Caste.

Identity politics can be regarded as a recent phenomenon in that it has become a prominent subject in Indian politics

Is India That Republic A Nation?

The Indian constitution opens with the words that India is a democratic and a republic nation After independence, the

Do i really need to pay TAXES? Just to line a politician’s pocket.

A few days ago i remember seeing people from different walks of life celebrating the victory of a party that i do not