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Boys can like girl characters too!

The race today ends with power and power rests with the strongest and strongest is ‘being man enough’ The gender of

Teachers and the Contemporary times

The present-day world is pacing up with numerous inventions, discoveries breaking the shackles of limited knowledge

At the end, it doesn’t matter who’s stronger or richer. The only thing is whether you are happy or not.

Ramu kaka's shop was always a delight to everyone of every age I went there almost every day after I finished my office

Youth, today has become intolerant towards criticism.

Since time immemorial , criticism has been the part and parcel of our lives Sometimes, it becomes a determinant of

What about Knowledge?

Tiding through the wave of thought exchange, which I purport happens to be in mind somewhere, one encounters

I cried a lot today. I cried after a long time.

I cried a lot today I cried after a long time A very long time: after a gap of years And it showed Seeing my mother sob

You wanna die? Come along

All things must die, for all things must die the oceans, the wind, the clouds, the mother nature for that must

Naira a 16 years old girl, touched the sky.

Today, Naira was very happy because she has achieved her goal She was so happy that she can even see a rainbow amidst

Why Not A Feminist!

In this world full of opinions, people judge too and especially they judge women This is because women have always been

Dreams: Work of Heart

It is not a new story to be questioned about the most significant and intimate decisions about our lives which are also