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Role of Identity Politics in India: The Role of Caste.

Identity politics can be regarded as a recent phenomenon in that it has become a prominent subject in Indian politics

Farmers suicide in our country – a worrying situation.

India is an agriculture-predicated nation; still the situation of the farmers in this country is more worrying than in

Transgenders experience health issues more than the general public.

India is home to around 49 lakh people belonging to the transgender community, out of which 55,000 are kids of age 0 to

Meritorius students are loosing their chance to study in the best colleges

Reservations in a developing country like India has always proved to be a interference in the building blocks of the

Conventional sanitary napkins : boon or a bane?

Sanitary napkins came as a boon to menstruating women by easing their menstrual management but as every other


In mid-2014, the world was taken by storm by the onset of the Ice Bucket Challenge The challenge encouraged people to

Diminishing Opportunities! What’s your CALL?

Education is one of the most important virtue of our life It must be an open choice for all the people out there, but

Modern India with a Tough choice

Living in the modern world, the 21st century gives it’s women a very tough choice to choose between a  sanitary