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Role of Identity Politics in India: The Role of Caste.

Identity politics can be regarded as a recent phenomenon in that it has become a prominent subject in Indian politics

Raja Rammohan Roy was a model social reformer & revolted against the suppression of women.

Raja Rammohan Ray was a Brahmin man born in a Brahmin family with an appetite to cure the social stigmas of Bengal This

Liberalism Vs Communitarianism : Is There Middle Ground?

Liberalism and communitarism are two prongs upon which a major chunk of the deliberations and critiques of political

Water, Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink?

Humankind has inched towards a perilous situation Owing to the actions of mankind, our environment has suffered blows

A Toast to the Earnest Entrepreneur

The F&B industry has witnessed a revolutionary state of affairs Coupled with urbanization and the trend of eating

I cried a lot today. I cried after a long time.

I cried a lot today I cried after a long time A very long time: after a gap of years And it showed Seeing my mother sob

God Made LGBTQ + People

The Oxford Dictionary translates “gay” as a person, especially a man who is homosexual This 3 letter word gained