YoungIndia is a global media platform for young people to express and share their views and opinions.
Youth are free to speak up on issues of both national and personal relevance.
A platform for young people, to make best use of journalism and address issues.
YoungIndia holds the most significant conversations that young people in India want to have.

Types of issues:
a) Stories that impacts its readers’ lives.
b) Campaigns on issues that mainstream society or people ignoring.
c) Issues brought up by readers themselves in the form of personal narrations.

a) We understand that Young People have the power to change, we also understand that youth has access to the internet.
b) Thus we combine the youth with the power of journalism and a new platform to create content that reaches out to a wider audience in order to bring the change.
c) YoungIndia wants to break the culture of silence on social issues.
d) There are people who are actively talking about issues that are affecting them.
e) If we all come together and speak up, something really can change and something really will change.

How YoungIndia works ?
Anybody can publish on YoungIndia, once you publish a story, our team of editors goes through it, if it meets our guidelines it goes on the website and then gets shared on our social media. Day-to-day issues that people face are covered here and gets highlighted.