This world has entered into an era where people are made technology part of their precious lives. Everything, literally everything is under the control of technology. You can see and use but can't feel though. Despite covering all of the things, Virtual reality is an exception from all of the technological products which people are using in daily life. Virtual reality is the biggest thing coming in the nearest future because it directly connects you with the world which doesn't exist.

However, is it ok for the human mind? Can it tell you the difference between what's real and what's fake? So, many questions are gathering around in people's minds but what if these questions are also part of Virtual reality? VR technology takes an idea from people's minds and creates a world full of lies. In addition, if a person ever used this technology before they would know about the affections on eyes when they see a fake world from as near as they can. Human’s eyes can see up to 12 miles but when a human starts seeing something gigantic things which are formulated by the simplest and blended mind can be affected on your eyes and makes your eyes visibility less which means you barely see anything clear even in daylight.

The second thing which is more cruel or dangerous is to control a human’s mind. It is the biggest motto of every company that make technological products. When someone starts creating a world in their mind, VR technology collects data from that part of the brain where humans create or use their imagination. It is the biggest thing about this product. Leave people in the fake and make everyone forget about their body & mind. It is causing the mind because in time when humans completely devoted themself to this product it becomes hard to stop them from doing this again and again. They hopefully accepted their fake reality where they become anything that they want then why would they return back?

So, conclusively there are a lot of things that affect the human’s body but VR technology is a direct hit on the mind and it takes the ability to think, the ability to watch both worlds and take control of your body even humans can’t even realize that they are in under the control of VR. It takes control of your body just like how cancer spread in your body. SLOWLY.

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