The CEO of Netflix claims that he got the idea after having to pay $40 in late fees.

The CEO of Netflix claims that he got the idea after having to pay $40 in late fees.

Online movies are nothing but a blessing in the technological world we live in. To give a little background movie are a type of visual communication usually used to portray a message or for entertainment and watching these movies on your devices through the internet gives us what we call online movies.

Movies provided on the internet provide an unquestionable variety. The concept of online movies has gradually improved and is now a widespread mode of entertainment. Providing an example, Americans long time ago left the idea of TV.  Soon after Netflix made an appearance and there was no going back. Netflix is a paid streaming service which provides the customer to enjoy movies, series and more through internet. This idea of Netflix took only so much time to spread and became a worldwide provider, birth of a popular phase ‘Netflix and Chill’ dissolved among teenagers.

Soon after to give competition was Amazon Prime Video, also a similar idea and providing a slightly different content. The spread of Amazon Prime Video, in India, was much more widespread because it provided a range of Bollywood movies, online, and the pricing. Slowly and gradually the concept of Indian serial and craze of watching TV is shifting to binge watch on Amazon and Netflix.

Sometimes online movies are not appreciated enough! Imagine there was a movie release, one you really wanted to see but your boss gave you double the work and you couldn’t go and till the time you were free the movie wasn’t in cinemas anymore. However, it is available online shortly after, happy ending! Or there was a surprise visit of friends in your house and you take your laptop out, make some popcorn and enjoy the horror! Continuing, you had a stressful week, you didn’t have the energy to go out and you just wanted to chill and order food, online movies is the best answer!

It is astonishing how convenient these services are! There are some really exceptional movies which are only available online. Ever wondered why was this concept initiated? The idea was rather out of conscience. The CEO of Netflix claims that he got the idea after having to pay $40 in late fees for returning a movie late, even though the co-founder discredits the fact, it is considered.

If we look around us the craze for Netflix and Amazon is in abundance, and it’s not without a reason. Since the launch of these two organizations their strategy has changed a ton. They soon realized that the need for branching out in different genres would attract international audience. Now we can see movies from different parts of the world with English subtitles and enjoy their culture! There are many movies which are originals, they don’t release in cinemas but the hype for sure is real. Also allowing offline download on the app. This is the good addiction to many people and it also provides some kind of knowledge about different culture and languages.

The way to end an exhausted day and enjoy a happy leisure or pass time while traveling, I think and said, sure as hell online movies are a blessing.

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