Kindness is not just about showing your concern to fellow human beings.

Kindness is not just about showing your concern to fellow human beings.

It was a hectic college day. While coming back home, I was too tired and hungry so, decided to buy something to eat from the outlet present outside the metro station. Suddenly, a boy of around 10 years old in shabby clothes appeared and requested me to buy a packet of cakes present there.

He was hungry for sure; his eyes were speaking more than the words could. I was not able to ignore him. When I bought the packet for him, the smile on his face was priceless, and there was a feeling of satisfaction in my heart too. This made me question myself is this what kindness means?

Well, in my opinion when you forget about your pain, your conditions, and yourself for a while and support or help someone emotionally, financially, morally and by doing so you develop a feeling of compassion and satisfaction within yourself, then this is known as kindness. When you don’t do something to fake it but rather do it to show that you understand and respect them irrespective of whether you know them or not is kindness. You do it for the sake of humanity, for being a concerned citizen of a country and for being a responsible individual.

Recently, the men’s cricket world cup 2019 has witnessed a great example of benevolence and true sportsmanship. A player asked the crowd of his country to applaud for an opposition cricketer and not to boo him. He didn’t let the on-field rivalry to change his views and he did not support a cricketer.

This gesture not only won many hearts but also showed how kindness in any sport can lead to a healthy competition between two teams. Kindness is not just about doing something big for the country but it’s also about the small contributions which we make to improve our society. Contributions like donating your blood every month might seem useless to many but by doing so, we can save a life, and awareness regarding the same can bring back so many people to life.

I have heard many people saying that compassion and humanity have vanished but being a daily commuter of the metro made me realize that it’s not true. There have been so many instances when, I have seen so many people offering their seats to senior citizens, women with infants, etc. Kindness is helping a person with a disability without thinking about it as a waste of time, like helping blind people by giving them directions in the crowded metro stations.

In my opinion, when you are genuinely concerned about someone and help them without expecting anything in return, is kindness. A few months back, the Kerala floods have set a solid example about how people unite and show their compassion, no matter in which part of the country they reside. People tried to donate as much as possible, there were volunteers to take care of the people affected by the floods and these were full of compassion.

Though this the loss of the people who faced this be recovered but at least their sorrow can be shared. Kindness is the best way to heal yourself. You can help others so that they do not have to suffer from the pain you have gone through. There are so many other ways by which a person can feel kindness towards others. In this scorching heat of summer, it is very difficult to get out of your home but not everyone can do their work by sitting inside a room. Have you ever wondered what kind of difficulties a delivery boy has to face to deliver your parcel? I know it is their work to earn money but it is our responsibility to offer them water and show our magnanimity to them.

Kindness is not just about showing your concern to fellow human beings but it also involves showing your concern to other living species. Keeping a bowl of water and grains for the birds outside your home, keeping our environment clean are few things that we can do out of altruism.

There have been so many people who won Nobel Peace Prize as they tried to create a better world by their kindness and genuine concern towards others. To sum it up, I think kindness results in peace and love, which gives us happiness as no matter how big your act of kindness is, it is never wasted at all.

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