Body Image is such a big problem being faced by youth everyday but still this topic seems forbidden somewhere by the writers. There might be few people who are of the thinking that whatever the physique or whatever the thinking they keep is enough for them to stay in the society positively but unfortunately such number is really very low. Most of the youth specially is facing issues related to body image they have.

This is not the problem which can be easily solved because it is something which takes the mindset of the person as the person suffers everyday because of their body image. This issue took place from the year around 2005 when youth took the spotlight in the country and that's the era where we can say that youth started understanding the meaning of Body Image and yes it suddenly turned into the issue.

There are various reasons for such problem and the biggest reason is the COMPETITION. Yes the competition which takes place between every human and when talking about body image so specially the competition between the youths.

There is a tendency of being physically good and mentally famous all over around a particular group between youths and this is what exactly which makes other youths feel downwards and there body image takes the avatar of an issue. To look more beautiful, more smarter and more famous, people take few wrong steps which are as follows:

  • Theft
  • Drugs
  • Eloping
  • Robbery
  • Murder
  • Kidnapping

These steps are not enough because there are an number of steps which youth takes to get the attention or to gain that body image of their choice and when they fail to get their preferred body language so they again takes few steps which includes either depression or suicide. This results in ending their career and then it effects the youth ratio for employment and other reasons. The most effected part because of their such steps are the Family.

There are many people who even after having the desire of the body language of their choice, remain calm because they are happy for what they have and most importantly they communicate regarding their issue with someone who gives them the good advice.

They never take body language as the competition as they feel happy for being chosen by the society as they are naturally. Even I as a writer do feel the same because the thing you have naturally cannot ever be uglier than what you will have after the unnecessary modulation.

At the end all i can conclude is by saying that the person/youth should be so strong that if other person is judging them because of their body image so he/she should take that very positively. Moreover BEING NATURAL IS BEING BEAUTIFUL.

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