14 Powerful Divorce Trauma Coping Tool.

14 Powerful Divorce Trauma Coping Tool.

14 Powerful Divorce Trauma Coping Tool for Men

Psychological changes

1. Disbelief.
2. Hate.
3. Loss of self-worth.
4. Helplessness.
5. Hopelessness.
6. Depression.
7. Loss of emotions and Psychopathy.
8. Insomnia
9. Memory loss.
10. Loss of focus, concentration.

Hormonal Changes(in order)

1. Excess cortisol.
2. Excess epinephrine.
3. Excess adrenaline.
4. Reduced Serotonin, Oxytocin, and Dopamine.
5. Adrenaline, Cortisol exhaustion.
6. Thyroid insufficiency.
7. Melatonin insufficiency.
8. Reduced testosterone.
9. Increased Estrogen.


1. Reduced prefrontal cortex connection.
2. Reduced activation of left brain, as you can't explain yourself rationally.
3. Right brain dominance, leading to hallucination, imagination, and delusion.
4. Sensory impairment at the thalamus.
5. Inflammation in the hippocampus, loss of memory track with cerebellum.


1. Cardio-Renal axis stress.(increased uric acid)
2. Fatty liver
3. Lower immunity and allergy.
4. First hypertension, then hypothyroidism.
5. Autoimmunity

Now that we know all the changes that happens in your body, we will use simple compensatory mechanism(daily tasks).

Tools and Strategies:-

1. Recite nursery rhymes. 1 rhyme everyday. Activates sensory cortex, and keeps Hippocampus inflammation low.

2. Eat one time a day. Whatever you eat, body will store the energy, because it is depressed. Prevents fatty liver.

3. Go out in the park in the morning and talk to people(activates Neo, prefrontal cortex).

4. Go and feed biscuits to dogs daily in the evening. (evening sun will increase melatonin, and empathy will increase dopamine).

5. Walk for 1 hour(not brisk, but mild), no headphone. Keeps metabolism high, increase testosterone.

6. 10 minutes of putting thread to needle. Activates attention circuit.

7. Start teaching to neighborhood kids. They give you respect. Respect inhibits pain, and activates left brain.

8. Take cold bath early morning. This increase sympathetic tone, increase metabolism.

9. Right brain dominance increase trigger and makes you impulsive. Compensate it with compulsive behavior.
a. organize desk, home everyday.
b. Do all tasks daily at the same time.
c. Become particular about where and how you keep things. Brings back left brain.

10. Do not waste energy.
a. Disconnect from anyone with whom you have to discuss this daily.
b. Stop watching news.
c. Do not engage where someone is talking and you are just listening.

11. Utilize excess Estrogen by cooking. This task uses excess Estrogen, and produce dopamine. Also increase motor cortex activation. Lowers fat.

12. Right brain makes you feel for childish. Validate it by bringing a lot of toys. Painting.

13. Swimming is a good activity to lower cardio renal stress. In case you don't know swimming, go near some ponds and start taking evening warm bath.

14. De-addict
No video game, trading, drink, Netflix.

If you can follow them for 3 weeks, brain will rewire.

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